Personal Financial Intelligence

Active Money Management for long term financial success.

Personal Financial Intelligence

Active Money Management for long term financial success.

Get the tools and Know-How to become financially successful

The Finfluence-App is more than just another budgeting app - it can be your personal financial coach!


Use the easy, clean but still very powerful app to capture your financial data.


Get to know your finances like you have never before.


Make solid decisions based on your personal financial strategy.

Holistic Money Management

Money Management shouldn't be isolated, but integrated into your life planning.

Your Personal Coach

Finfluence helps you with building strong and positive financial habbits.

Take it easy

Decide for yourself how precise you will monitor your finances.

Privacy & Data Protection

No registration needed. You can use Finfluence completly anonymous and offline. Don't give away your data!

Transparent Business Modell

For many "free" services you pay with your data. Finfluence is different and has no access to your data.

Financial Intelligence

Do you know your average expenses for your basic needs, how much you pay for contracts, insurances..? Find out!

The Finfluence-App is the successor of "Better-than-Budgeting", which was downloaded over 500.000 times!

Our Mission

"It is no secret that companies are collecting more and more data about their customers and use it intensively for advertising and market research. The lastest neuroscientific findings are utilized to trick us into buying without actively thinking about it. But if we actively manage and monitor our finances, we can always make good decisions and and respond well to changing living conditions.

Finfluence's goal is to provide our customers and users with independent tools and services and practical information, to help you to achieve more freedom and quality of life - through Personal Financial Intelligence.“

Norbert D. Frank, Founder of Finfluence